Beach Trip: Leave the Benzene at Home

Fun in the sun? Don’t forget your sunscreen. But leave the benzene at home! Yes, I’m talking about the recall by Neutrogena, et al ( There are trace amounts of benzene in some of their aerosol sunscreens. Benzene sounds scary. It is. It’s a human carcinogen. Meaning? It can cause cancer. Now, the dose makes the poison (how many times have you heard me say that?). But “trace amounts” add up! We are exposed to benzene on a daily basis via inhalation, ingestion, and yes, via skin. Even though the amount in these products is “very low”, I agree with the advice to throw out these products. Why add to your daily benzene exposure? For this fair-skinned tox doc who wears sunblock to get the mail, it’s back to the drawing board on finding a safe (safer!) sunblock. 

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