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Naloxone: The Antidote to the Opioid Epidemic? What Lawyers Need to Know

It’s not everyday that I get a room full of attorneys, who after a long day, want to learn some toxicology. But this week, I had not only a full room, but an engaged audience ready to learn about naloxone. This talk covered questions including: What is naloxone? How does it work? What are the reasons behind the opioid epidemic and how does naloxone fit in? How can this information help me with opioid-related cases (and how do I know if my case involves an opioid to begin with?) All these questions, and more, were covered in this 1-hour CLE course at Jenkins Law Library in Philadelphia.


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"Medication Misadventures: 10 Tips for Attorneys" CLE Course

I had the pleasure of speaking to an engaged group of attorneys this week at the Jenkins Law Library in Philadelphia, PA. I gave a one-hour continuing legal education (CLE) talk on how attorneys can sort through the details of medical charts to identify and understand any possible “medication misadventures”. What are medication misadventures anyway? How do medication misadventures occur? What are some red flags to look for when going through medical charts? What are some valuable sources of drug information for the non-healthcare-professional? If you have an hour (or just want to skip around the video below) you can get these, and perhaps many more, questions about medication safety answered.

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Naloxone: An Antidote in the News

Not every antidote in toxicology gets the spotlight like naloxone does. And why is that? What is special about naloxone and what is it an antidote for anyway? I recently published an article for the attorney audience through the American Bar Association and shed some light on this prescription drug and the fight that it’s trying to win. It doesn’t stop there though. I’m taking the naloxone conversation on the road to speak to attorneys and pharmacists at the 2016 American Society for Pharmacy Law annual conference next month. 


Toxicology Testing for Attorneys: The Basics

Toxicology reports can be tricky to interpret. There are some basic pearls that can help attorneys sort through the details before calling in an expert to shed some light on what the results mean (or don’t mean). Five minutes of light reading is a start to understanding the basics of toxicology testing.

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Drug and Alcohol-Related Cases: What Information Should Attorneys Have at Their Fingertips?

There are some basic, although not always on-hand, details of a drug or alcohol-related legal case (usually related to impairment), that can answer questions related to the case sooner than later. Thank you to those attorneys who have contacted me about their interesting cases and prompted me to put this checklist of facts-to-have on drug and alcohol-related cases together. This list is not all-inclusive, of course, but helps get the conversation started with your toxicology expert about the viability of a case.

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