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The Toxicologist as an Expert Witness: Initial Steps in a Case

It’s the same for every new case…so what is the process of being retained as a toxicology expert witness? Glad you asked. Here are the nuts and bolts - from the initial call to the early-phase following retention.

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Interview with Hillary Johns, Esq. of the Beverly Hills Bar Association

I had the pleasure of being interviewed in December 2020 by Hillary Johns, Esq., a seasoned trial attorney from Beverly Hills, CA. Hillary has a podcast, Litigator’s Corner, through the Beverly Hills Bar Association (BHBA). She posed some great questions related to drugs and alcohol (our specialty as toxicologists) in this 30-minute virtual interview.  The topics in this interview are expanded upon in a soon-to-be launched minimum continuing legal education program through the BHBA (details to follow soon). Many thanks to Hillary and the BHBA!

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The Expert Witness Report: Dr. Muller's Process

Everyone approaches an expert witness report a little differently. I briefly describe my approach to such reports in this short video…the when, how, and why I write these reports as a toxicologist opining on legal cases. The take-home message is “know your audience”. As much as I love to teach and discuss toxicology, attorneys (and juries) don’t speak the same scientific-language, and it’s unlikely they want to read a mini-textbook to understand my methodology and opinion. 

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Tips for Attorneys: 5 Ways a Toxicologist Can Assist with Your Case

An attorney is considering a scientific or medical expert for their case. But which type of expert is the right fit? Could that expert be a toxicologist? Here are 5 ways the expert opinion of a toxicologist may be of value in cases involving drugs, alcohol, or environmental toxins.

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Evaluating Medication-Related Medical Malpractice Cases: Toxicology Tips for Attorneys

As a toxicologist, there are steps and considerations I take when reviewing a medication-related medical malpractice case. These can be taken by attorneys as well, before they even contact a toxicology expert for their case (plaintiff or defense).

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